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Don't just lift weights. Lift yourself.

Our classes teach the techniques, not the aggression of a true boxer's workout. Classes include a proper heavy bag training to strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, legs, back, core, stamina and of course - your confidence! Each class is empowering, exhilarating and totally addictive - don't be surprised if our boxing classes become your new favorite workout.

Boxing Classes - West Berlin, NJ

Boxing Classes

This high-intensity interval training workout sculpts your body and burns calories like nothing you've experienced before. Your trainer will lead you through explosive boxing rounds where you'll deliver jab, cross, hook and uppercut combinations, working your entire body on our 100-pound heavy bags.

Private Training- West Berlin, NJ

Private Training

Our experienced trainers don't intimidate, but inspire you to become the champion of your life. Choose Private Training or Group Training to take your boxing, kickboxing or MMA technique to the next level and accelerate your results. We have free weights plus cardio equipment for those looking for a more traditional personal training experience, too.

What To Expect

Our coaches will show you how boxing builds discipline, teaches self-defense, releases stress, and improves hand-eye coordination. Prepare yourself for lunges, squats, shadow boxing, jumping jacks and more to get a total body workout.

Warm Up

The best boxing workout of your life starts with trainer-led shadow boxing, cardio drills and stretches to get your heart pumping. You'll begin each class with a solid stretch and calisthenics to prepare your body for punching or kicking the heavy bag during the rest of the workout.

The Rounds

Each of our boxing workouts consist of three-minute rounds where your trainer will lead you through a series of punches and kicks on the 100-pound heavy bag. We'll tell you, show you and teach you how to execute each move throughout the rounds.

Active Rest

Between each round we'll keep your mind and your body engaged with calisthenics for your active rest period. You can push yourself and your limits during this period or take a quick water break and jump right into the next round. Get the ultimate calorie burn with added lower body exercises between the rounds of hitting the heavy bag.

Core & Cool Down

Finish your full-body workout with the hardest, most sculpting portion of our class. Trainers will lead you through a strengthening and toning abdominal workout to define your core. Finish your workout inspired by using our weighted medicine balls to do a variety of exercises all targeting your abs.

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