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Rev It Up's Early Skillz Program - West Berlin, NJ

Does Your 3-4 Year Old Often Struggle with Self-Control?

The Early Skillz program can help children learn appropriate behavior in a fun setting.

Three and four-year-old children are naturally curious. They're restless and eager to explore their surroundings – and to test boundaries and establish their identities. They might not be ready for the rigid structure of a traditional martial arts class, but they do need to start learning about appropriate behavior.

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Does Your 3-4 Year Old Struggle With...


They are shy and may have difficulty approaching kids - or sharing with others.

Being Aware

Unaware of their surroundings often leads to being unintentionally destructive.


They lack control and can't stay in one place long enough to eat a meal or watch a movie.

Rev It Up's Early Skillz Program - West Berlin, NJ

Parenting Can Feel Like Running A Marathon

Luckily there is a comprehensive solution.

It's exhausting, and it's not uncommon for parents to feel frustrated as they try to get their young children to behave, sit still, and be aware of what's going on around them. Getting them to participate in any group activity can be difficult at best, particularly when the activity doesn't take their natural inclinations and developmental needs.

The key to helping kids at this age gain control is to teach them basic skills while entertaining them. With calm and steady guidance, they can learn to understand basic martial arts skills – and acceptable martial arts school behavior – and have fun, too!

Your Child Will Grown With Every Class!

Our Early Skillz program gives 3-4 year old children the basic skills and discipline they need to succeed. While they learn simple martial arts moves such as kicking, punching, blocking, crawling, and jumping, they also grasp valuable lessons about social conduct. Over time, our Early Skillz students learn how to control their movements, follow directions, and interact with students and teachers.

Coordination and Control

Coordination and Control

Students learn to be aware of themselves, others, and their surroundings, and to control their movements accordingly.

By learning basic martial arts moves, they build muscle coordination and become increasingly aware of spatial awareness.

Focus and Attention

Kids learn how to pay attention to verbal commands when they are given and to avoid tuning out when something seems complicated.

By learning how to focus and ignore distractions, kids learn how to follow verbal instructions – and to remember them without needing reminders.

Focus and Attention
Training Encourages Perseverance

Training Encourages Perseverance

Kids learn how to manage anxiety and negative feelings and not to give up when they are frustrated or upset.

Our Early Skillz program includes training to help kids learn the value of persistence as they pursue achievable goals in a supportive setting.

Respect Becomes The Cornerstone

Early Skillz classes underscore the importance of self-respect and respect for others in social and classroom settings.

In our martial arts school, kids learn that all classmates are to be treated with respect and be supportive and encouraging as their classmates pursue their goals.

Respect Becomes The Cornerstone

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Early Skillz program teaches kids to have greater self-control and not to let negative emotions affect their behavior.

Yes. In our Early Skillz program, kids are part of a supportive community where all students are taught to respect one another and to share information.

It can. Learning basic martial arts moves helps kids learn to be aware of their own bodies, and that leads to greater physical self-control and less destructive behavior.

Our Early Skillz program puts kids into a fun social setting where they are part of a community. Students are taught to support and respect one another and to build age-appropriate relationships.

Yes. Our Early Skillz environment encourages kids to control negative emotions and to respect themselves and others – skills that are very important in a classroom setting.

Yes. Our Early Skillz program provides kids with a series of achievable goals to pursue. Some will be more difficult than others, but every child learns the value of perseverance.

Yes. Children in our program must learn to follow verbal instructions, stay focused, and remember what they learn. By providing them with measurable goals, we teach kids the value of avoiding distractions.

Yes. One of the first things kids learn in the Early Skillz program is the importance of being respectful to their teacher and following instructions. The benefits of obedience are demonstrated as students reach their goals.