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Give Your Child a Strong, Confident & Healthy Lifestyle!

Physical Fitness Program - West Berlin, NJ

Physical Fitness

Kid Kicks offers strength and endurance training to improve athleticism and enhance things like agility, coordination, and stamina.

Feeling and realizing the benefits of being stronger and healthier at a young age will ultimately inspire them to be more aware of what they're eating, how much they're sleeping, and encourage them to get up, get outside and move!

Emotional Wellness Program - West Berlin, NJ

Emotional Wellness

Kid Kicks offers our kids an opportunity to release any tension, worry, or angst, but it also establishes a level of confidence and self-esteem that is crucial to instill at a young age.

Having an outlet where you can shut off your brain and express who you are as an individual through fitness, is the best way to find yourself and realize not all problems, fears, or worries are as big of a deal as they may seem!

Social Interaction Program - West Berlin, NJ

Social Interaction

Kid Kicks brings priceless social skills for our kids that will successfully carry them into adulthood. Our classes will provide a great way to help your child develop social skills.

Classes themselves are done in groups, so it's a great opportunity to make new friends. The nature of meeting a new friend in a class means they will already share a common interest.

Benefits of Kid-Kicks Fitness

Your child will develop many other skills from our children's fitness program. Below are a few of them.

Total Body Workout

From head to toe, Kid Kicks training will not only build muscle and strength, but it will provide a great boost to one's stamina and endurance level. Physical activity produces endorphins and as a result, the brain functions at its optimum level. The combination of physical and mental benefits offers a thorough body workout with an extra dose of energy.

Better School Performance

Multiple studies have shown that exercise can be beneficial for children. These studies mention that pre-teens (age 10-12) can reap the educational benefits of exercise well into their teen years. When children have a schedule to follow, it helps to keep them focused on completing schoolwork and properly studying.


Kids can gain self-confidence with our Kid Kicks kickboxing classes. It gives them confidence that will carry into their everyday life. With each class, they see marked improvements in skills, speed, and the positive feedback from instructors bolsters self-esteem.


Kids learn faster when they are having fun. Kid Kicks teaches kids that exercise can be fun! Incorporating fun adds to the value of training and keep the kids hungry to improve themselves even more. Smile, laugh and have fun.

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