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Pre-Skill Program

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Rev It Up's Pre-Skill Program - West Berlin, NJ

Rev It Up's Pre-Skill Program is a Martial Arts training course for 3-6 year olds that focuses on the 4 stages of development: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Social. We call our program "Pre-Skill" because it will help each child properly develop the preliminary fundamental skills they are currently acquiring at this age.

During this age, children are in a unique growth period in their life where they are refining their gross motor skills, while establishing a foundation in fundamental skills. These fundamental skills include: focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination. The more exposure to proper development in each of these skills, the better your child will be!

A Program For Every Age Group

Early Skills (18-36 mo.)

Early Skills teaches toddlers powerful life skills & creates stronger bonds with their parents.


Basic Skills (3-4 yrs.)

The Basic Skills program can help children learn appropriate behavior in a fun setting.


Core Skills (5-6 yrs.)

The Core Skills program uses activities to teach being focused and to manage emotional outbursts.


Elite Skills (7-9 yrs.)

The Elite Skills program builds physical agility, control, and resilience to help kids excel.


Extreme Skills (10-12 yrs.)

The Extreme Skills program helps kids maximize their physical and intellectual capabilities.


Warrior Skills (13+ yrs.)

The Warrior Skills program helps teenagers maximize their capabilities in a stable environment.

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Our Program Includes:

  • Fundamental Skills Development
  • Engaging Drills
  • Introduction to Martial Arts
  • Achievement Awards
  • Tips for Parents
  • Activities for Home

Quick Start Confidence Course

Initially, each child will start with a simple one on one pre-evaluation to review the child's physical, intellectual, social and emotional stages of development. Every child develops these traits at their own pace. The strengths and areas we will focus on will be discussed with each parent and then we'll introduce your child into our Quick-Start Confidence Course.

Here is where the magic begins! In their first class your child will receive their karate pants and a t-shirt. Upon completion of their first class they will be awarded their karate belt. In the second class they will earn a confidence stripe on their belt and in the third class they'll break their confidence board. Finally, in the fourth class, your child will earn their uniform top and a confidence patch. Through experience, we've learned that this is an amazing way to build your child's initial confidence and it helps us to place your child into the correct class - either Tiny Tigers or Little Dragons. Once complete you can relax, sit back and watch your child's development skyrocket!

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