Fit3D ProScanner

Fit3D delivers cutting-edge technology that produces 3D replicas of your body so you can track changes over time and it is available for anyone. Call, text or ask a Rev It Up team member to schedule your first scan FREE!

Fit3D ProScanner - Designed To Perform

Designed To Perform

Fast. Scan AND get your emailed results in under 3 minutes.

Kiosk allows for clients to scan themselves. Also relevant for social distancing for Covid-19.

Handles enable unmatched accuracy of scans.

Cloud-based accounts allow for 24/7 access to reporting behind a safe password protected login.


  • Autonomous scan capability.
  • Handles for accuracy & safety.
  • 35 second scan time.
  • Non-invasive.
  • A client "App" is available.
Fit3D ProScanner - 3D Avatars & Customer Experience

3D Avatars & Customer Experience

With the Fit3D ProScanner, you can see what your body actually looks like and you can chart how your body changes over time.

3D avatars are the number 1 reason why people choose Fit3D. The accuracy is top of the line and every avatar comes with circumference measurements and body fat percentages.

Fit3D ProScanner - Circumference Measurements

Circumference Measurements

Consistent and fast measurements without human bias. Fit3D captures hundreds of measurements automatically so you can easily track progress over time.

Fit3D ProScanner - Overlay


Popular feature comparison tool that shows you in 2D how you literally compare with yourself. Very popular feature for social media.

Fit3D ProScanner - Health Score

Health Score

Fit3D worked with leading universities to develop a health score metric based on your body shape, which is directly inversely proportional to visceral fat. Rev It Up calls this your Body Shape Rating.

Fit3D ProScanner - Posture & Balance

Posture & Balance

Fit3D also tracks posture & balance - great for aesthetics, physical therapy and clubs training athletes for injury prevention.

Fit3D ProScanner - BMR


Basal Metabolic Rate shows client's how their body burns calories at your resting state. Essential for individuals who want to focus on nutrition programs or weight loss.